Monday - Thursday 8AM to 9PM
Friday and Saturday 8AM to Midnight
Sunday 8AM to 8PM


Bassett Street Brunch Club is attached to the Hampton Inn and Suites at the corner of Bassett and W. Johnson Streets.

We offer complimentary parking for our customers

Parking is located in the Hampton Inn parking ramp at 440 W. Johnson Street (voucher is valid for a 2-hour period). Please note that open parking spots are based on hotel occupancy and subject to availability.

Generally, due to hotel occupancy, parking for Brunch Club patrons is available from Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon. Pull into the hotel parking structure at the entrance of the hotel, just past the restaurant on the left side of W. Johnson Street. Once you park in the ramp, there is elevator access to the hotel lobby, and you can enter the restaurant from within the hotel.

Please bring your ticket with you into the restaurant and ask a server or host to validate it for you. For weekend parking, we suggest street parking or pay-by-the-hour public parking ramps

Hourly Ramps (suggested for weekend parking)

There are two pay-by-the-hour public parking ramps within walking distance:

The Overture Ramp

(Dayton street between Broom & Henry)

State Street Ramp

(corner of Johnson & Carroll)

These parking ramps accept cash and credit cards. Please note that at the Overture Ramp, during some Overture performances, there is a $4–5 cash only pay-on-entry flat fee.