Jordenne McKay

Assistant General Manager

La Crosse, Wisconsin, native Jordenne McKay grew up in the restaurant business. "My parents own a coffee and wine bar in La Crosse," says Jordenne. "The restaurant business just seems like home." While attending school at UW-Madison, Jordenne worked at the Melting Pot as a hospitality specialist, server, and bartender. In October 2015 she found a new home as a bartender at Brunch Club, where she moved up to shift manager before being promoted to AGM. "I love working with restaurant people because we are a unique group," says Jordenne. "Everybody has a different background. I love the variety of people that I have been able to meet working in this industry. Every day is something different." And the same goes for Food Fight: "In the year that I've been with Brunch Club, I've seen three new restaurants open. I love all the different concepts that Food Fight has." In her free time, Jordenne likes to spend time with her little sisters and their dogs, Hank and Lucy. "In the summer, I go up north to spend time with my grandpa. Being out on the lake, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, or jet skiing is something I look forward to. Any chance I can get to be outdoors with my dogs, I take!"

We’re passionate about providing great food and service in a fun and lively setting.

Bassett Street Brunch Club’s staff is a group of people who truly care about providing a great dining experience to every customer. Many of our staff members have worked in various roles in the restaurant industry for years, and others are entirely new to the field, but we handpicked them all because of their common dedication to making every visitor’s experience memorable. We hope that our staff makes you feel taken care of and valued with every visit.